postheadericon Sardine Sprint Upside-down Rogaine - 23 February 2013

Roll up, roll up, and come spend a balmy night at a rogaine site in countryside North of Bindoon townsite, the Bindoon Catholic Agricultural College, just 1 ¼  hours drive North of Perth. Here you will encounter the odd kangaroo, a few strangely inquisitive cows, and one of nature’s (and rogaining’s) greatest pests, the oft-maligned Setterus Experios Minimus, common name: Doug or John. You will also meet the common solution to such pests: Vetterus Helpacius Maximus, common name: David.

This site has a great range of terrain with rolling areas of grazing and cropping farmland and a strong watercourse system cutting through its middle areas to make for easier spotting and access to lots of controls. For those wanting more challenging territory there are extensive bush areas and rocky outcrops around the peripheries of the course to test the legs. This is a smaller than usual 12 hour site so there is a good chance to get around the whole site, build a good score and get back to the hash house for the first, fresh breakfast servings. The land owner, however, has invested in a comprehensive network of high, vermin-proof fences (not to be climbed over) with limited gates, so extra care in planning will be the order of the day for those seeking victory.

So come one, come all and join us for our inaugural attempt at setting a rogaine

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