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Volunteering is part and parcel of the culture of rogaining in WA. Unlike many other states, the WA rogaining association has been able to keep prices low and event quality high by the many members who every so often kindly forego an event to help out with administration, hash house, setting, vetting, first aid, or truck driving duties.

People step forward for the event roles usually in the last few weeks leading up to the event which is alway very much appreciated.

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If you can help in the hash house particularly, check out the volunteer grid for upcoming events, and contact the WARA volunteer co-ordinatator via email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

As a guide, you should be volunteering and giving up a rogaine to help out once every 2 years which makes it approximately once every 10 events. If you haven't given up an event to help out lately then what are you waiting for?

Volunteering is a fun way to meet fellow rogainers and get to know them as more than fleeting images passing the other way on the course. You are also putting something back into the sport that you enjoy so much.

Please make sure you do your bit to keep WA's rogaining events the high quality and affordable events they have always been.

Perhaps the thought of doing something like cooking for 400+ people might seem daunting at first, but to make it soooo easy there is:

  • a pre-event briefing where we explain what you will be doing and any answer your questions
  • soups and stews have been already prepared so chef-level skills are not necessary
  • friendly helpful people there with you (your fellow volunteers!!)
  • concise and amazingly easy to follow notes outlining what to do when, as well as the secrets of how to do things like cook rogaine quality rice.

Volunteer Hall of fame

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