postheadericon Mooterdine Moonlight Meander Upside Down Rogaine - 4/5 February 2012

It’s that time of the year, early in the New Year, when Rogainers get to hone their night time navigational skills. The event area is mainly in sheep and crop country with a bit of bush - ideal terrain to practice night navigation and maybe even learn new moonlighting skills, whilst following sheep instead of a lost team.

What other attractions does this event have that will tempt you to go without a Saturday night’s sleep in the comfort of your own home???? Well, there is nothing like seeing the “Great Orange Ball” rise in the eastern sky after spending a long, hard, warm night, searching for those elusive controls, and knowing that a great breakfast (bacon, eggs, snags, tomatoes, onions, etc) has been prepared especially for you. Just imagining the magnificent aromas of this delightful delicacy that is waiting for you to devour, with no effort to prepare on your part gives you a tremendous lift. These positive early morning yearnings can do wonders and are much better than the sheep shit smells that have been pervading your nostrils for the previous few hours. This should spur you on, in the cool, fresh, unpolluted morning air, to achieve your ultimate result. Try not to think of us setters and vetters as we may have already had our gastronomic delightful breakfast. Rogaining is Fun.

There are several great Country Views to be enjoyed from various parts of the event area, so let’s hope that the clear Moonlit Night allows you to enjoy them. It is a sealed road right to the hash house site, so there are no excuses for not coming along to enjoy this Mooterdine Moonlight Meander.

Last Updated (Sunday, 05 February 2012 20:43)

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