postheadericon Mandurah Meanderings - 12 November 2011

This year’s novelty event will take place in Mandurah, to make it easier for competitors from south of Perth to attend.  You can walk, run or jog as much as you wish or just sit and enjoy a coffee or three. You can bring a compass but there shouldn’t be any need for it. The event is open not only to members but also friends and non-members (a gentle and relaxing way to introduce them to the sport). As in previous years the sausage sizzle and picnic at the end of the event is included in the event fees.

There will be a variety of controls to get you to know something about Mandurah. These will be varying from significant trees, historic gravestones and shipwrecks to more mundane points of interest (or not ). Every effort is also being taken to ensure that no buildings will have more than one foundation stone with a date on it and that the signs with the information are not one of a dozen possible. Unlike the last two years, however, swimming is strictly prohibited in both the estuary and the canals – we do not want any possible pollution from misplaced rogainers spoiling the crab’s appetites.

If you haven’t been in and around Mandurah for a while, here is your big opportunity to refresh yourself, get a bit of a look around and have a nice day. The map area was carefully selected by the B&B setting team (yeah, that looks OK) and great care has gone into making an interesting course for all (put one over there they’ll never find it). For those who want to go for sheep stations we have put out a few to keep you running and for those who just want quiet stroll then there is plenty to see and get a few points from while you are at it. What can I say further but come along and have a good time.

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