postheadericon Dark Swamp - 15 October 2011


The Spring 12 Hour rogaine will be situated about 1.5 hours east of Perth on gentle rolling hills. Due to camping restrictions on-site, the Hash House site is positioned on farm land near the eastern side of the course, making route choice very important.

The course contains an interesting mixture of farmland, open bush, a bit of parrot bush and two big nearly-impenetrable swamps. There will be a lot of nice easy-to-get-to controls not too far from hash house for those who like to take a gentle stroll through the bush and farmland. We have made sure there are plenty of tracks for easy walking too. But if you are more adventurous and want a bit more spice, you can always try to find the control points near the swamps (mind you, with the rain we are getting these days, a canoe might be a worthwhile addition to the backpack, helping you to short cut between some controls).

When you get tired of walking, we will provide the usual roaring hash house fire and delicious food to keep you comfortable. So, what are you waiting for? Enter with your mates or family and join us for a great weekend.

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