postheadericon Been There, Done That 6 Hour Rogaine - 19 March 2011

Ian, the next newsletter is due out soon. We need a teaser for the 6 Hour rogaine in March. Great! What can I write? Well, we have an area so that’s a good start. What else? Ummm, that’s about it. Gulp! No controls set, no idea of a theme. We’ve visited the area just once. It looks a bit dry. Have you ever noticed how Aussies have a propensity to understate? It might be 47 degrees in the shade and what do we say? “Bit warm today...”.

Man laying in a hammockThen there is the Aussie weird sense of humour. You’ve got red hair? Your nickname will be “Bluey”. In rogaining, we have 12 Hour and 24 Hour events and we call them “dawdles” and “wanders”. Then we have a 6 Hour event and what do we call it? “The Long March”. Well, we are retracing our steps of the Long March in 2000 and heading back to Wandering. Been there, done that? Precisely!

Like politicians we make lots of promises – magnificent views, gentle rolling hills, controls in all the right places, a challenging course with lots of options for the more sensible-minded amongst us. But, we make no promises about the lack of grass seeds, electric fences, muddy bog holes, crippling climbs and rampaging sheep looking for a feed.

What can I say? It’s a rogaine set by two ex-presidents and vetted by two up-and-coming, fresh and enthusiastic ladies - what could be better?

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