postheadericon Hotham Handicap Rogaine - 14 and 15 June 2003

Where is the June Rogaine????

Take the following quiz and see how you go:

1) In what direction is it from Perth? (a) North (b) NE (c) East (d) SE (e) South (f) West.
2) Has the area been used before? (a) All (b) Part (c) None (all new terrain)
3) What is the normal winter weather for the area? (a) Wet (b) Cold (c) Mild (d) Foggy (e) Windy (f) all of them.
4) In what type of Terrain is it predominantly in? (a) Bush (b) Farmland (c) Plantation (d) Sand Dunes
5) What will be the most prominent feature? (a) Sheep (b) Cattle (c) Trees (d) Hills (e) Water (f) People
6) The Rogaine is named after?? (a) Setters/Vetters (b) Shire (c) Historical Building (d) Horse Race
(e) Natural Feature (f) Famous Steam Train

Answers:- 1) d, 2) b, 3) b, 4) b, 5) a & e, 6) e

How did you go ??? So where does that put it??? SE of Perth, partially used before in cold, wet (probably) farmland country with a natural feature name. The name is linked to 6 d, e, and f. No, it's not the “Golden Slipper”, “Melbourne Cup”, “The Rocket” or “The Ghan”. Welcome to “The Hotham Handicap Rogaine”.

It is in the Wandering area in typical undulating sheep farming country and has a small section of forest in the SE and NE sections. There is also a small subdivided area in the mid north section which has a vineyard in it. Unfortunately this is not the Hash House site. The reason for the name will be obvious to all those who come along and participate in what is shaping up to be a very pleasant, challenging and exciting rogaine.

There are lovely valley views, running streams, healthy sheep, numerous dams, the usual fences, mountain ducks, kangaroos, crows, various parrots, foxes, cattle, stacks of hay bales and very friendly farmers.

We asked one farmer if we drove our two wheel drive vehicle in his top paddocks would we get bogged??? After careful thought he replied that if we got bogged up there it would be time for another “Ark”. Another farmer described the dam that we were using as a “Pot Hole” dam due to its puny size. We have heard stories about a very large black python in the area and it has been mistaken for “tyres” a few times. Lets hope it is still in its winter slumber zone during the event.

The landowners have been terrific, a great community to deal with and they cannot do enough for you. Even the Shire has come to the party and offered to organise the hash house fire, so this is a big plus. The community also have a newsletter published once a month called the "Wandering Echo" and we have been invited to submit an article which I am doing, thanks to Gary and Warren for their input, so that is all good promotion for us. Frank and I visited the area on 5th, 6th and 7th April to set some control positions and it just so happened that Wandering had their inaugural Festival on Saturday 5th . We were invited along by many community members and managed to make it for the Saturday evening BBQ and the fireworks display. This was most spectacular and would almost rival the Aussie Day show in Perth!!! Just ask the locals. We renewed acquaintances with some farmers and met several others as well. Most of the conversation was about “The Rain” as they have had plenty of it and were not complaining.

On the Sunday evening we called in to see the Shire President, who is a landowner within the event boundaries, and it just so happened that he was discussing the festival post mortem with the Shire CEO and his wife over a few tinnys. We joined in the discussion and refreshments. Two and a half hours later we wandered back to camp with full bellies and in a merry mood. Rogaining is Fun!

Hope to see you all there on 14th June and we can all have FUN together.

Setters and Vetters Frank Coning, John Tanner, Sharron Falconer and Ken Shular

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