postheadericon Deja Doo Rogaine – 12 April 2003

For many years now Stan and Dave have been procrastinating over setting a rogaine. It is always easy to come up with an excuse. Being too busy being the most common. Not that we have not done our share of volunteering. We‟ve cooked and cleaned , driven trucks and administered - even vetted a couple, but we have never set a rogaine. Every event the guilt pangs arise. If someone else had not found the time then – no fun – and apart from the occasional mishap rogaining is fun. If you are in a similar position don‟t send your newest team member to a setting and vetting seminar. Especially if our beloved president and volunteer coordinator is present. Pam went along, showed a little bit of interest and bingo - before you know it we were volunteered. That was the easy part. All we needed to do was read the manual and the rest would fall into place.

To set a rogaine
One must find terrain
Where access is easy and firm

To get in a truck
Without relying on luck
Is priority number one

It can’t be too far
To travel by car
So rogainers don’t sleep at the wheel

It can’t be too near
Because of the fear
That others might upset our fun

So round about Perth
We examined the earth
To find land that met all our needs

Permission was sought
From landowners who bought
The area we wanted to use
When they gave us the “go”

We got on with the show
And started to plan the event
The areas not new
So it’s called deja doo

To thank those who set here before
Now to make it complete
We need you to compete
And think of setting a future event

The rogaine site is between the Albany and Brookton Highways around Metro Road. Bull Ant, Everybody‟s and Winter Wandoo Land were all held in this area. It hasn‟t been used since 1995. The land is predominately bush with a little farmland thrown in.
Please do everything you can to protect the farmers' property and stock. Leave the gates open or closed as you found them. Wandering stock will cause the farmers great inconvenience and expense, and the farmers will not welcome us back. An incorrectly closed gate may deprive stock of essential food or water. If you have problems closing a gate or other concerns about gates will please report these to an event organiser.
This event includes the Paddy Pallin Junior Cadet Challenge. We hope to see you all in April.
The Setters – Pam the volunteer Bradley, Dave the planner Hartley, Stan the procrastinator Barclay

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