postheadericon Rogaining 101 - 5 and 6 June 2004

A course prepared for your enjoyment during the June long weekend.

The first 100 bush rogaines in WA have just been completed, and to kick the new centenary off in the right direction, we now present ROGAINING 101. In the true sprit of life-long learning, this course has something for everyone. Newcomers will have the opportunity to discover the delights of hiking with a purpose through the unique WA bush, and to strive for everlasting recognition as recipients of the highly prized novice awards. More experienced rogainers can upgrade their qualifications and perhaps compete for top 10 placement badges and other forms of achievement and recognition. Others still can use the course to practise their bushcraft and to refine their skills in the arts of gentle hiking by day and relaxing around an open fire by moonlit night.

The course will be conducted on June 5 & 6, in the valley of the Helena River 20 km or so upstream from the Mundaring reservoir. The exam will be held over a 24-hour period, beginning at midday on the Saturday. The examination paper will be available for study 4 hours in advance. For those participants looking for an even earlier indication of what to expect, the past examinations papers used in WOTNOT WELTER, PICNIC IN THE PINGLE and MANNA FLAT are recommended. Beyond that, bribery of the examiners themselves might be an option.

Participants can carry with them the bare minimum of aids such as a compass, torch, water bottle and a small supply of food. Other more exotic navigational aids such as a GPS are specifically banned. Pre-requisites include a love of the bush, a keen sense of adventure and a willing to tackle a variety of physical and mental challenges. For those without the necessary map reading and compass skills, a short bridging course will be offered on Saturday morning. Participants will be assessed as members of groups, which may range in size from 2 to 5. The assessment itself will take a form that may well seem strange to newcomers - it will be based on the number of pinpricks that are collected on a small sheet of paper. So guard that sheet carefully! Many a sad tale has been told about even the most highly experienced rogainers who have come to grief for failing to do so.

The examiners expect to be able to announce the results shortly after the conclusion of the course. This will give participants a chance to celebrate their achievements, and to compare notes with others while enjoying Sunday lunch. Finally there will be a debriefing session one week after the course and participants will have the chance to express their appreciation to the organizers of such a successful course. (That‟s the plan anyway!)Mortarboard Hat

Setters: Paul Szijarto and Ken Harrison

Vetters: Colin Kelly and Andy Molnar

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