postheadericon Avoid the DRAma Rogaine = 23 October 2004

Are you sick of being beDRAggled after cold, wet Rogaines?

Are you sick of DRAgging your partners through thick bush and steep hills?

Are you sick of poorly DRAined farmland and angry cows?

Finding it all a bit of a DRAg?

Well then, extend your overDRAft or overDRAw your credit card and book a spot at the Spring 12 hour event for a guaranteed no DRAma weekend (please note conditions apply).

After DRAwn out negotiations with DRAconian departments we finally avoided the DRAma and found a site near Wandering which wasn’t a DRA* or a hyDRAulically significant area**). The map area is approximately 70% bush and 30% farmland.

So load up your DRAy or jump on your DRAgster and travel for about 75 minutes to a well DRAwn map that won’t cost you one DRAchma more than usual.

Come along and say hello to all your friends from Bunbury CatheDRAl Grammar School and remember to stay hyDRAted and use the hanDRAils.

From your meloDRAmatic Setters and Vetters: Jill, Peter, Leigh, Craig, Carolyn & Paul

* DRA = A CALM TLA for 'Disease Risk Area'

** hyDRAulically significant area = water catchment area

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