postheadericon Century End Rogaine - 23 October 1999

Century End is the complete rogaine with something for everyone. For the non-competitive we have ping forests with fairy dells, and gentle moss on the ground for you to take a picnic and really enjoy your time in the bush. There are babbling creeks with cool clear water gently meandering through the bush, plenty of trails and tracks for you to walk down so you don't have to get yourself too grubby, and there are a large number of wild flowers for you to take your time and admire.

BUT, for those who want to really show what they are made of and get an adrenalin rush, we have mountains to climb, huge boulders to navigate around, raging rivers to cross and get yourself a little wet, great stands of parrot bush to forge through (there's no fun in trying to go around) and kangaroos to have a punch-up with. There are 72 controls out there so you can "go for the lot" and have a great ego trip from collecting thousands of points. Now, if that doesn't excite you then I would check your pulse as I believe you are dead.

The event will be held on the outskirts of Perth's eastern suburbs.

See you there on the 23rd of October.

Vince, Warren, Bryan and Bruce.

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