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Just two hours south east of Perth's hustle and bustle lies the tranquil location for the '99 Winter 24 Hour, the Emu Litter Rogaine. The event is named for the naturally occurring (?) aluminium artefacts scattered prolifically around the course area (relics of a bygone civilisation).

Like all great events it offers something for everyone - forests (mostly) and fields (a few). For those who like it easy there are plenty of tracks. Many of these are even shown on the map as a user-friendly gesture from the setters. There's a bit of parrot bush (for the masochists!), jarrah, wandoo, marri and lots more trees that you haven't seen before. We give you low bits and high bits and steep bits in between, and a few wild pigs to keep you on your toes...

The map area is substantial, and spacing between controls reflects the easy travelling over much of the course. We expect route choices to be very diverse, with the map offering an opportunity to fit all ambitions.

Just a few special notes:

  • Hash House area is quite limited so please keep caravans to a minimum, and let us know if you're bringing a bus;
  • We may be limited for water drop coverage by Disease Risk Area restrictions, so bring enough capacity for a few hours marching;
  • The pepper ticks were prolific and keen earlier this year - they go for warm moist areas; you have been warned!

Dave Smith, Alan Kerr, Dave Longman, Jack and Sue Dowling


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