postheadericon Haywire Rogaine - 11 April 1998

Easter bunnyWhy not come along and stretch your legs, or just hop around at the April 12 Hour Rogaine? The event will be held in farmland near Mt Saddleback. The terrain is very open so be prepared to go for a long walk. There is the occasional bush block, and the spurs and hill tops are often shaded with Wandoo.

As well as lots of hay and lots of wire you are likely to see more than a few sheep. One of the farmers informed us that you couldn't possible see all the sheep in just one day! There are also a few blue gum plantations, as well as lots of very nice bare rock surfaces and giant boulders. We are sorry to inform you that the Parrot Bush is rather scarce.

You will even find some special 'easter egg' controls.

We hope to see you there.         Easter Eggs

Craig Dermer, Gary Carroll, Mal Dennett and Peter Watson.


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