postheadericon Barton Breakout Rogaine - 18 October 1997

The event is right on Perth's doorstep, the Hash House only 30 km from the central city. Sorry Bunbury rogainers. But don't expect a metro march. There is no farmland and suburban backyards are only at the very edge of the map.  The area is all typical Darling Range forest, mostly jarrah/marri with some pockets of wandoo. There are some stunning views, naturally requiring a bit of climbing but well worth the effort. Most of the forest is open and pleasant.  The few areas of thicker vegetation or fallen/cut timber are not very extensive. There are tracks, which aren't necessarily helpful but rather add to the navigational challenge. There are some restrictions on where you can go, to avoid conflicts with other forest users, but you'll be surprised how much lovely forest there is to enjoy here. There are plenty of kangaroos and wallabies.

You are advised to get your entry in early for this event. Even 24 hour events have been oversubscribed lately and 12 hour events close to Perth are always popular.

Because the event is very close to Perth we expect that many participants will choose to go home Saturday night. To assist us with catering, please indicate on the entry form how many of your team expect to be at the Hash House for Sunday breakfast.

Phil Dufty.


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