postheadericon Crunchy Canola Rogaine - 11 March 2006

The Crunchy Canola Rogaine will be held 90 minutes south east of Perth in rolling hills with a mix of farm and bush.
There will be ample opportunity to dabble your toes in the river running through the course and enjoy the breeze
through the trees. We are setting this in the height of summer, so expect to find lots of shade.

Plenty of controls will be easily accessible from the hash, with a small number of controls appealing to the more enthusiastic among us. The parts of the map close to the hash house are flatter and more easy going than the far more distant areas.

Be ready to pay careful attention at the pre-event briefing in order to avoid or tackle the more challenging bush.
Camping will be available for Saturday night. There will be no fire and no hash house for this event.

Wil, Kirsten Richards, Paul Dowling and Maia Bobrowicz

Last Updated (Saturday, 11 March 2006 19:17)

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