postheadericon Murphy's Mayhem Rogaine - 2/3 June 2001

Do you have that odd bit of bad luck at rogaines? Wish it could all be avoided? Want the 'perfect' hassle free rogaine? Then Murphy's Mayhem may be just what you need...

On the 2nd and 3rd of June, the State Championship 24 hour event will occur. In a carefully selected area less than two hours south east of Perth you can have a guaranteed minimum of bad luck, as the setters have carefully enticed it out and taken it away.  This involved a great deal of effort and activities which included chopping up fallen trees, digging out cars, being zapped by 'stealth fences' and finding lost people. By the end of setting we were sure that all the bad luck possible had been removed from the area, leaving it in the perfect state for our fellow rogainers to come and enjoy.

The area  itself is a combination of farmland and woodland, and these areas will be marked as such on the map.

The hash house, specially located with a good view of the surrounding area, will be serving up it's usual gastronomical delights, and the camping area, nestled amongst trees, will make the weekend that bit more special.

The setters and vetters wish you the very best of luck, not that you'll need it!!

Catcha there:- Ashley Carruthers, Gary Sullivan, Gerard Massam, Joe Courtney, Paul Harrison, Stuart Tassell, Sue Monter

FOOTNOTE: Murphy's law was first mooted in 1958 by Edward A. Murphy, who was an American Engineer.

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