postheadericon Karn’t Breakout Rogaine - 27 March 2010

It’s time to breakout from urban captivity and get away from your fellow caged captives.

A well executed escape plan will see you conquering the steep ascent of the Darling Scarp by car, 45 minutes drive South East from central Perth before taking to foot to make your final break for freedom.

This area has never been used for a Rogaine before, and won’t see another Rogaine for many years, as we take a last peek at the area before the friendly folks from Alcoa make use of the local beautiful bountiful bauxite. The course is ninety five percent native bushland and will offer plenty of route options from a relaxed
stroll through the gentler slopes to the temptation of big points on some lung busting climbs on some of the wrinklier corners of the map. You’ll also want to avoid the out of bounds “farm” in the centre of the course else you become a permanent occupant.

We’ve also gained access to one of the few areas of private land in the area, to use for the Hash House, so camping will be permitted on Saturday night, allowing time to relax with your fellow Rogainers after the event, before a Sunday morning leisurely return via nearby winery tastings and a return to happier Monday captivity.

Shane Lewis and the suddenly over-brimming setting and vetting team.

Last Updated (Saturday, 27 March 2010 15:55)

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