postheadericon Hot Summer Night USD Rogaine 7/8 Febuary 2009

It was a wet and stormy day – the waves were lashing over the treetops and the hearty rogainers were dreaming of better times. Times when the thumping rain was not blurring their
vision, when the warmth of gentle night breezes would stir the soul as one ambled across some open grassland vistas. Ah, think of such bliss, gazing at the wonders of the Southern Cross in the starlit heavens on a gentle evening saunter.

Well, of course, that has nothing to do with it but it does lead us to the delights of open farmland by night in summer. Yes, it is Upside Down time again. It is that lovely opportunity
to test out your night navigation without the risk of losing yourself in a thicket of feral parrot bush. If you have never ventured out at night then this is your big chance to do so in a safe and pleasant environment.

In a mainly open farmland environment with just a few fences and the odd pipeline to cross, your friendly setters have worked out a nice range of strolling choices. There are gentle slopes, an old railway formation, a dried up river bed, lots of open paddocks and plenty of places for you to see how much of the Milky Way is visible on a nice
fine night in February. It is only a couple of hours drive south of Perth in some familiar territory. Think of the lines from the song and in taking the words right out of my mouth, make sure that you, too, come along to the Hot Summer Night on 7-8th February.

(Note: it will not actually be that hot – it should be just right in temperature and we are thinking that, like us, you too should be hot to trot.)
Brian, Deb, Jane, Matt and Nick – your friendly setters and vetters

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