postheadericon A Picnic in the Pingle Rogaine - 15 April 2000

You are invited to participate in a Picnic in the Pingle which will be the Old Firm's seventh rogaine setting epic.  Only 90 kilometres from Perth, and with a fine paddock camping site, it encompasses some beautiful wandoo country with a typical low understorey, casuarina glades, rocky knolls and red break-aways.  One section of the map has been relatively untrodden by human hoof for many years and in short this country is rogaining dreamland. You would not, of course, expect us to set a rogaine without some areas of Parrot Bush and even the odd thicket of Pingle. You have heard of Pingle haven't you? Welcome to the Picnic.

Andrew Thomas and Bryan Hardy

Last Updated (Saturday, 15 April 2000 19:15)

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