postheadericon Metrological Rogaine - 25/26 August 2007

The Metrological - it’s Metro and logical. Thinking hard, weighing the alternatives and proceeding in a step by step manner, your setters and vetters methodically examined the issues of setting an event. How to set a rogaine for all, not too far from the Metro area, one which by the light of the silvery moon, rogainers with a sense of déjà vu do study the map and proceed in a logical manner, it was a task requiring a systematic approach. In scrying the stars and finding no meteors, we thought to set an event by which others might be measured. And so it has come about that
your superior setters and venerable vetters have crafted the Metrological.

After spending a specific, if not great deal of time getting confused with the non-logic of other areas and finding them a bit short of approvals and long on unsolved issues, we deduced from the available information the place to be. There, pin pointed with precision, was an already seen piece of bushland just down the highway from Karragullen. Inch by inch and metre by metre we carefully measured up its potential and finding little resistance the setters surveyed the area and set the controls.

It is as fine a piece of mixed bush as you might find about the place. There are 1. stands of jarrah, 2. wandoo, 3. small plots of pine, 4. picturesque rock outcrops, 5. gurgling streams (albeit bone dry when we were looking at them), 6. gentle slopes, 7. rustic tracks and 8. thickets of wildflower bearing plants of all persuasions. Oh gosh, I hear you say, can it be so? And I say unto thee, not only that but it could be said to be in the Metro area. It lies but minutes from the hustle and bustle of the lights of the big smoke (although the Hash House fire will be carefully tended on the day to keep the smoke to a minimum).

You may ask with a sense of remembrance of things past, has this area seen our likes before and yea, it is so. In fact in one of those acts of unstinting assistance, previous setters in the area, Stan Barclay and Dave Hartley managed to place a setting control plate ready for us four years ago. With such foresight how can it not measure up? By the light of the silvery moon, you might gaze out and recall that it is on the anniversary of the Liberation of Paris (and Le Metro) in 1944. In the words of the song you could picture yourself being here before and thinking “Non, je ne regrette rien” (stand to attention when you sing it).

Now the question becomes one of how logical are you in planning your entry, posting it off, getting to the event, and joining us in showing how you measure up. It’s only logical.

Oh and by the way, in case any of you trendsetters were looking for a metrosexual reference in this, I am afraid there weren’t any. Unlike Big Brother, this is a family show but then again check out the style setters with the soccer balls and the ex-spice girls.

The setters and vetters - Brian, Gary, Jim, Mal and Ricky

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