postheadericon Fairytale Rogaine - 30 June/1 July 2007

Once upon a time, long, long ago, two ageing and grim rogainers huddled around the hash fire bemoaning about how hard it was to get a good place these days – there seemed to be more and more younger and fitter teams out there!!!

As their revenge commenced, one was heard to remark, “We must get rid of them if we are ever to score a top three place”. With the scheming in full flight, the other replied, “I know of a place, deep in the South, a dark forest where the woodcutters are too scared to venture on the weekends, where there are so many trails that everyone gets lost, and where the dreaded DRA lurks”.

So the plan was set in motion. “Let us set a diabolical map for the fool-hardy souls. We will
attract the gun teams by making it a State Champs. Lots of lolly drops will be a treat for
the kids. For all those folk who sit comfortably around the hash fire while we are slogging it out
in the wind and rain, let’s build such a magnificent hash fire that they will be totally
mesmerized by its attraction and will never escape. And for everyone, the taste and smell
of the fresh blackberries will be a moment to savour”

And so the grim pair started to concoct their evil plan. To help, they called on fellow
conspirators, who had perfected their devious influence on previous dastardly deeds.
Coming soon --- the sequel to, just across the road from, and even better than Kirup Kapers, –
the FAIRYTALE rogaine.

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