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Short lovers rogaine view

Only 1 hour from Perth, before you reach Toodyay and overlooking the Avon river – Lovers Lane is a rogainer’s dream. In winter, the lush green grasses of the open farmland and rolling terrain are spectacular to behold. While post summer the lush grass is likely to be gone, the area has a bit of everything – open farmland, some stunning Wandoo forest and a bit of scrub (only a little bit, honest!) to keep you on your toes. There is plenty to see including old quarries, stunning views across the landscape and some lovely rock formations.

The course will be designed to ensure all the newcomers to the sport who are learning the ropes should have fun and get a reasonable score. For the more advanced we will do our best to make it a challenge for you – but expect some tight and fast competition. Orienteers may recognise some of the area, but the map and controls will be rogaine standard.

There are some active stone quarries on the map. The land manager has been very generous in letting us use the area, and in return we must enforce a few rules – primarily that competitors must avoid the active quarries at all times. These will be clearly marked on the map, and will be equally clear on the ground – you’ll recognise them by the holes in the ground that look like quarries. There are a lot of old quarrying works that are passable, though – if in doubt, please go around.

Some additional information – Whilst the 6hr does not have a hash house nor does it have any form of fire, the land manager has kindly permitted us to camp overnight and the site is also camper van accessible – so for those of you wishing to stay – that option will be open to you.

The setters and vetters are also busily working on some technological improvementsto enhance safety, as well as some ideas provide a bit of entertainment at the event – stay tuned to find out more.

We look forward to seeing you out near Toodyay in March!

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