postheadericon Boom Boom Rogaine 17/18 August 2013

This year’s WA State Championships will be held about 1hrs drive SE from Perth.  The rogaine area is all bush, with some large areas of nice Wandoo woodland with low lying heath which is fast running and walking. However, there are some areas with dense prickly parrot bush. While most of the dense areas can be avoided, if you want to go fast and direct, then good clothing coverage would be wise.

The map has a bit of everything. A section of hills for the mountain goats. Flat areas for the rogainers who are not as vertically inclined. Wide open river flats to pace count in and narrow creeks that can be walked in. There are some nice rocky areas with some nice flat granite exposures. There will be a number of good scoring controls within easy distance from the hash house for the novice, family and social rogainers. There are enough tracks around to help orientate the less experienced navigators as well as plenty of non tracked areas to test even the most experienced navigators.

The 2013 Australian University Championships are held concurrently with this event, so why not grab a uni mate and give it a go.

Note: To encourage people to enter early, the WARA committee has instituted early-bird entry fees.  If you enter online more than a week prior to close of entries you will receive a discount on your entry fee.

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