postheadericon Take Nothing for Granite Rogaine - 30 June 2012

This, the 2012 WA State Championship event, will be held in some of the most picturesque forests you will find within 90 minutes of any mainland capital. The course will take in some fairly flat terrain, some gentle spurs and gullies, a few hillier bits...and some truly impressive rocks. Big, big rocks. I wanted to put a control on top of a ten metre boulder, but the vetters said something about lawyers and.... well, that was the end of that control. There’s none of that pesky farmland with those electric fences, feral sheep and amorous cows you all detest, just the classic mix of WA jarrah, marri and wandoo forest. Altogether, a very scenic area and one ideally suited to rogaining.

Although part of the course has been used fairly recently , a significant fraction is new or has not been used for a long, long time. We have controls for everyone, whether you want to collect a few or the lot, and we’ve already placed orders for a clear, moonlit night and the usual world-class fare from the hash house. Bring your headlamp, your compass and your rock-climbing gear (*).

... Paul, Rafer & Joe

(*) Kidding. Honest.

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