postheadericon Ronan's Romp Rogaine - 15 March 2003

You too can romp with Ronan on Saturday March 15. This will be your first chance to lose yourself in daylight on a rogaine this year. The event will start at 3pm (if the champagne bottle opens on time) and end at 9pm. You are welcome to camp out overnight. There will be no hash house, however hot water and barbecues will be provided.

The event, being short, is intended to serve as an introduction for those new to the sport; however, it will also be fun for the old hands, and winners will be properly glorified.

The terrain contains a nice mix of undulating forest and farmland – with the usual prickles and barbs.

It is barely 90 minutes drive from Perth, though a bit further from Bunbury. People from that outback town who can prove that they are genuine asylum seekers will be excused from control collecting in order to drive home in comfort.

We hope to see you all there. Roy Hiller, Jim Langford, John Cresp, Keith Stewart, Jim Walter and Colette Sims

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