postheadericon Kirup Kapers Rogaine - 24 and 25 August 2002

ClownsAre you tired of those long hard rogaines? Do you want to have some fun? Then Kirup Kapers is for you.

With a mere 1.3 km between controls, we are tempting you to collect every control. We have even taken out all the steepest bits, to make it easier for you. If you want to take it really easy, the Hash Site is in farmland, nestled within traditional Australian bush. We have imported plenty of kangaroos and emus to entertain the children while you discuss the beauties that you have seen.

The map is a mixture of farmland, plantations, and native bush with lost of marked and unmarked tracks to make the walking easier.
We have made the worst of the electric fences Out-of-Bounds, so that you don't have to cross them. The fields will be lush and green, with some delightful views. One of our landowners has named a hill "The Sound of Music". You can almost imagine Julie Andrews and the von Trapp children singing as they waltz across the rolling hills on their way to the next control.

With bitumen almost to the Hash Site, you won't event get your car dirty. All the rocks have been picked out to make it easier to pitch your tent. And we have ordered some nice sunshine for the weekend (though our supplier has indicated that supplies usually run short in August, and we may have to change to Singing in the Rain).

So come and join the Bunbury Circus for our first and only performance.     Clowns

Owen Horton and the Setters and Vetters.

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