postheadericon Manna Flat Rogaine - 16 and 17 August 1997

Come and enjoy Rogaining at it's delightful best and help celebrate THE LEGEND'S birthday. The Setters and Vetters have gone to a lot of trouble to provide PERFECT Rogaining conditions. Planning your route will not be a problem. There are so few controls, there will be confusion where to go (that's the Legend factor) and all parrot bush has been individually plucked out and removed while all the steep hills have been avoided or the top 3-4 contours shovelled off. The event is approximately 1.5 hours east of Perth so all the Bunbury people had better take a week off and really enjoy their trip to the dizzy north.

To give everyone a chance to win a state championship, there will be 36 x 100 pointers, of which most will be visible from your tent. All tricky controls will have tape leading you in so we don't have any whinging. All controls will be hung so if you get within 150 metres, then you will see the control and when you get to any of the 30 water drops you will score big points - none of this Fog factor stuff. If any controls are more than 10 metres out, then that's the vetter's fault.

Things aren't looking good for the "Jelly babies" but the traditional port drops might get a look in. In the event of really terrible weather conditions, all the teams that have done 12 hours and don't want to do any more will have their score doubled to make up the 24 hours. Mobile canteens will circulate the course with hot lunches and hot soup as well as deck chairs for you to rest.

Those wishing to avoid the dulcet tones of the bugle being played at it's worst, bring your own earplugs. Get your entries in early because once the word gets out that THE LEGEND and Vince have set the course and Lee Holliday and Paul Harrison (the older) have vetted, then the rush for places will be at a premium. A $10.00 note to the setter's retirement fund will secure your position AND a low team number.

Ain't Rogaining FUN.

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