postheadericon Fire Ban Rogaine- 22 and 23 February 1997

The second annual Upside Down Rogaine is set for February 22nd. Roy Stone, Warren Smith and their team have set and vetted and interesting and challenging course that will cater for all participants.

Scheduled to start at 8pm and takin gin a lot of farm land, this event is ideal to have a go at night navigation. Open fields, potentially mild temperatures and hopefully a bright moon will combine to make it a special experience.

As the name implies, this event will be held in the middle of an expected total fire ban and we therefore must emphasise that there will be NO has house fire and NO smoking on the course or in the hash house area.

This event is for EVERYONE. From the night novice who wants to experience night navigation for the first time, to the social Rogainer who maynot have the opportunity to appreciate the night experience, to the "Gun" Rogainers who love the pain of it all.

We look forward to seeing you there.


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