postheadericon Mamma Mia Ma Supial Meander Rogaine - 11 October 2008

Come and join us in the fun of the above event in the Dryandra woodland east of Wandering. You can “Sing” your favourite Abba or Rogaining Songs to “Ma” “Supial” and see if there is any favourable response for an encore. You may be very surprised to find that a few of the bolder inhabitants may invite you into their bedroom. I shall also be talking to the caterers for this event to see if we can have some of “Ma’s” Soup on the menu for you all to sample.

Many new rogainers and a few very experienced ones will know part of the area very well as they have had many memorable training weekends with lots of fun and camaraderie happening in the eastern section of the map, because Rogaining is Fun. For those of you who have not had this memorable pleasure the majority of “Mamma Mias” “Ma” “Supial” Meander contains open woodlands of mainly white wandoo, powderbark and plantations of brown mallet with many splendid views of “Ma’s” colourful countryside. The magnificent
wildflowers will still be in full bloom and together with the bright yellow expanse of the canola fields will make an awesome floral display not to be missed in the warm spring sunshine.

As for the fauna, the most prolific of “Ma’s” “Supials” are the Kangaroos, which are in abundance, but you may also spot Bilbies, Boodies, Woylies and Wallabies if you sing loud enough. We have seen Wallabies, Possums and as an extra delight, Echidnas as well as a variety of birds and the usual flocks of those woolly animals that
may keep you awake at night.

So come along to the beautiful spring countryside and partake in the merriment of The “Mamma Mia” ‘Ma’ “Supial” Meander
John, Frank, David, Alan and David

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