postheadericon Decurion’s Waltz Rogaine - 14/15 June 2008

10 years ago, Grandad’s Army led rogainers through the gullies, gullies and...well, more gullies...of the Julimar State Forest for the 1998 State Champs. To commemorate the
anniversary of this event, we return to Julimar to remind people of the fun that can be had in gullies, gullies and...yup, gullies.
After long being denied access to Julimar due to a fauna release program, an auspicious event has taken place that should bring joy to the hearts of rogainers everywhere – the
whole ruddy lot was burnt. This has made the fauna release kinda redundant since the fauna got...err...burnt (most of it hopefully ran away) and also destroyed most of the rampant
parrot bush and dryandra that had infested the area.Dance steps

The event area spreads across extremely varied terrain, from the thinly-forested, intricate spur-gully country of Spice Brook, across sweeping hills to the navigator’s delight of the
Julimar Brook valley. With the Hash site in a clearing in the middle of the forest and between the two primary valleys, route choices and navigational ability will
be the keys to sorting the rogainers from the bushwalkers-withambition.

Long-time rogainers and (almost) first-time setters Paul Dowling and Kirsten Richards have driven themselves to injury (with the help of one of Perth’s finest motorists) to set the course. The Duftys and David LaCava have lined themselves up to vet, trying valiantly to rein in the worst of Paul’s enthusiasm for small knolls.
(Think the Legend and bagpipes, but more...topographic.)

We look forward to seeing you for what should be a classic rogaine. We suggest you wear black. :-)

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