postheadericon Black Cat Autumn Rogaine - 19 April 2008

Vince and I had always planned to get enough area for three rogaines in the Darkan-Cordering area, 'Black Cat' will be the the second, after 'Wild Dog' back in
2006. As Vince had scared quite a few of the farmers kids it was decided, by me, to contact all the farmers and relevant land owners on my own, and as I knew them all
from 'Wild Dog' it didn't take long to get permission from everyone.Cougar Crossing Sign

The Hash site will be on Ross and Sue Earnshaw’s property, where, back in the 1970-80s, numerous sightings of the Cordering Cougar were reported, but even
though there has been unexplained animal maulings in the area, there has been no sign of the black cat. If during the 12 hour rogaine any team brings back a photo of the cougar, a bonus 500 points will be available. Please note, any team that loses a team member to the cougar will unfortunately be disqualified for interfering with native/imported animals. Also, any team finding a litter of cute little furry black kittens is asked to leave that area very quickly as our first aid officer is unable to replace severed limbs or sew
up any lacerations requiring more than 10 stitches. Any team being chased by the cougar MUST stay together, no splitting up, alleviating the necessity for disqualification later on.

Of course Roger and Caroline Telfer (H.H. site at Wild Dog) made available their spare house for us to use during setting back in October/November 2007. Roger's only concern with having us back on his farm was whether Badges and Feral (Ron Lockley and Geoff Monk) would be helping again. After saying they wouldn't I asked why. Roger’s reply was that after Feral had used his Nissan on his land last time the dogs had gone mental. Two ran off, never to be seen again, the other two kelpies were never same and had to be put down.
Even dogs know that it’s Toyota county out there.

This event will have heaps more bush than Wild Dog as we are using quite a bit of land on the south side of the Bowelling-Duranillin road and as there is only a gravel track around the perimeter good cross-country navigation will be needed as we have tried very hard to be sneaky, mongrel setters, which comes very natural to us. Peter and Jill Elderfield have had the unenviable job of trying to keep us under control while vetting the course. They drive a Rodeo so we have had to remove the badges and put on Toyota Hilux stickers to keep
the dogs happy.

There will be plenty of room at the Hash site so all you sooks with camper-vans and caravans will have nothing to complain about. I can also see the bagpipes coming out of mothballs too, but don't let that put you off.

See yas all Saturday 19th April Vince, Jeff, Peter and his wife.

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