postheadericon Waterfall Rogaine - 10 March 2001

Have you ever been tempted to go the whole time for a rogaine but never made the full 24 hours? Well here is a rogaine that you can do the time on - it's six hour for 2001. Following the high standards set over the last few years, this event promises a few challenges and  a lot of opportunities.

The event will be held near York, about one and a half hours drive east of Perth. The country is mainly open farmland with patches of relatively open bushland. Be prepared to climb a few knolls and some larger hills - and be rewarded with the views. This country can be a bit dry in March so you may not see much water coming over the waterfall. (But can you find it?)

There will be lots of closely spaced controls to tempt you out for the six hours. And for those with smaller legs in tow - this means lots of controls that you will be able to reach. The six hours provide a great opportunity for novices and new-comers to experience a gentle taste of the delights of rogaining. There is something for everyone. For the gung-ho's there is the challenge of how many controls can you get and can you keep the pace up? For the dedicated "let's stop and smell the roses" there is the opportunity to see some interesting territory and have a pleasant walk. For everyone in between it's a good, fun event.

While there will be no Hash House, you will be able to camp out on Saturday night after the event. For some of the more dedicated this means an opportunity to actually see something of the campsite and compare notes with the opposition. The organising team look forward to your company and your stories - see you on the 10th of March.

Be warned ... If you win this event you have to set the 6 hour rogaine next year!

Jim Langford, Steve Brown, Lee Rennie and John Lane.

Last Updated (Saturday, 10 March 2001 21:32)

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