postheadericon Fields of Gold (Weet-Bits) USD Rogaine - 10/11 Febuary 2001

A leisurely two hour drive south of Perth lies the golden fields of WA. The Fields of Gold (Weet-Bits) Rogaine will be held near Williams in open farm paddocks with gentle hills and a small amount of user-friendly bush. This upside down rogaine offers an excellent opportunity for rogainers of all abilites to hone their night navigation skills.

A relaxed summer night strolling across the fields of gold in the moonlight - what more could you ask for? There is no requirement for heavy raincoats or bulky clothing to keep you warm - it should be a pleasant balmy evening. We have contracted the Weather Bureau and they have promised there will  not be a repeat of the unseasonable weather we experienced at the upside down rogaine last year.

Aside from the the pleasant summer night, upside down rogaines offer you a good chance to try out some night navigation in not-too-challenging territory. It is not though you are in the middle of parrot bush thickets from hell, but in open paddocks with a bit of stubble on them. You can actually see landforms in the moonlight and not find yourself wading through raging torrents by torchlight.

It's a case of life - be in it. Take the big step and come back for some Weet Bits for breakfast at the has house.

The challenge: 9 out of 10 rogainers will get Weet Bits in their socks. The 10th gets to stay at the hash house and sip port. Which one will you be?

Setters and Vetters (from the Sanitarium) - Gordon Birch, Linda Libenau, Ian Mason, Sandra Swain, Ashley Horton and Owen Horton.


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