postheadericon Return of the Woylies - 12/13 August 2000

The Spring 24 hour rogaine, 12 - 13 August 2000, the 20th anniversary event, will cover some spectacular countryside and it will have a hash house site that will make this an event to remember.

There is further good news from the setters:

  • They have avoided walking you up the many step hills that abound on the map;
  • They have avoided requiring you to fight your way through the impenetrable bush that is a feature of parts of the map;
  • The many good tracks will help you - and so will some of the bad ones.

And the good news continues:

  • A bitumen road right to your campsite;
  • Flushing toilets, no bush loos!

The setters have accepted the challenge to cater for the novice, the tourist and the serious competitor - and in line with this being the 20th anniversary rogaine, there will be a number of pleasant surprises before, during and after the event.

Being the 20th anniversary rogaine, this will be a good time to bring all retired and lapsed rogainers back into the fold. Entry for this event is free to those who were WARA members in 1980.

Locations of rogaines are always poorly kept secrets and since the title, "The Return of the Woylies", is a give away for many, let us declare that this event will be based on the newly proclaimed Wellington National Park - no farm land: but very few prickles.

The event setters are Penny Dufty, Phil Dufty and Bob McCreddin and the event vetters are Geoff Cocks, Marianne Cowie, Mal Dennett and Craig Dermer.

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