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Aeglira with Map

Hi there clever Rogainers,
The November Novelty Rogaine will be Novel: You will be able to track your success by using a smartPhone app!
You can find out how the app works as soon as you like. Try it now! please!
The app is called pwMapApp (yes, there are no spaces in the name)
The app will ask you to think of your very own "explorer name". I was lucky, no one else had chosen Aeglira, so that's me.
Then select a Map to explore.
Nick says to try the Map called Quick Start. He says that you can explore Quick Start without even leaving home.
Most of its Treasures can be found in StreetView for Thornbill Way Churchlands. (Or you can walk round that street!)
And Nick says that this is very very important: When you have *finished* exploring a Map -- go to the *end* of the list of Treasures and... select [Finish]
That's it! All done :-) Congratulations!
Oh, yes! Nick says that all you clever Rogainers will want more.
Well !
Now (right now!) you can go to Kings Park -- and explore the Map called Memorials Rhapsody
Look for [i] buttons, they may lead to more information. Even a printable map. And look for [?] buttons for hints.
Then explore Kings Park.
And please remember to [Finish] when you are done!
with love,
from the November Setting Team:
... Nick, with an app and far too many dot points
... Brian, with the knowledge to provide a really great rogaine
... and me, Aeglira. With beauty and brains to balance the team.
and with Lots and Lots of Love!
see you all in November :-)


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