postheadericon Fortunate 12 hour Rogaine - 4 April 2009

You’ve been “Beyond the Boundary”, “Morgan Galloped”, “Jediatricted” and now you will be
Fortunate to visit the area again. This rogaine comes with a fortunate set of circumstances.

Fortunately, OME (Old Man Emu) was folding the last magazine and noticed there were no
setters, so wandered off to the other part of the “dynamic Duo setting team” – The Legend - and
he fortunately agreed to bail out “the pathetic, sooky Perth mob” and help set the April 12 hour.
Fortunately he knows Leon Price from DEC in Collie and so Legend got Leon to “give me an area with few approvals
– and make it snappy”. Fortunately Leon obliged and, with 7 weeks left, fortunately 2 vetters came forward – Al
Jansen and Mark Imbert (Warren Smith is to help at the event ‘cause Legend has to go to Tasmania).

Fortunately OME has a GPS and can operate OCAD fairly well and so off the Dynamic Duo go and with great gusto
there are many controls set. Fortunately the area is nearly all bush and it is typical WA wandoo open bush with just
enough prickly stuff to keep you honest. The area is just south of Quindanning and approximately 2 hours drive south
of Perth. Oh Yeah! You are fortunate that there will be a couple of controls on farm land.

Please grab your mates and help us enjoy the April 12 hour.
Vince, Jeff, Al and Mark

PS. Unfortunately Legend fell off a boulder and has 2 smashed ribs – it only hurts when he laughs. (Does this mean
no bagpipes? Ed.)

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