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As the final events of the 2022 Rogaining Year come upon us, I write to ask for some volunteers - to help the committee and the next events.

Please consider this short term effort to ensure we complete 2022 with a flourish.

Firstly thank you to all those who have already helped, especially those behind the scenes and those whose names don't always appear on the thank you lists. Without everyone banding together, this club would not be the wonderful community it is.

Saying that - The last 3 years have been a grind, and they've taken their toll mentally, and with the current worker shortage in WA many of the committee are under immense work pressure as well. I am sure many of our members will be in similar situations. Personal and family concerns have taken their toll on the committee – for instance Owen's family needs him now more than ever, and it is with gratitude and thanks we see him step down from his role.

But these pressures leave gaps. Big gaps in our capacity to be, and stay, across each event. In short the Committee needs a bit of a boost for the last stretch – some help to complete the year properly. Some new energy, some extra help to make sure our events can continue and everyone is safe.

For the next 3 events we need help with:

* Safety coordinator / Camp Manager
* First Aid officer

We need to make the decision soon (Tuesday 20th), whether to cancel the next event or not. It is not something we want to do, so it is worth a last reach out.

>From now until the AGM we need help with:

* Event coordination
* Administration and paperwork

Janice, our wonderful Volunteer Coordinator, has done an absolutely amazing job, and is ready on hand to talk to anyone who can offer any help at all.

Without the extra assistance the committee will need to do some hard thinking, so I look forward to hearing how you can help.

Thanks again
Peter Trenaman
President 2022

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