postheadericon WARA Dryandra Rogaine Training Event 2022

WARA Dryandra Rogaine Training Event 2022

May 27th-29th 2022, Lions Dryandra Woodland Village

Dear Rogainers, WARA welcomes you to their rogaine training event for 2022!

Registrations are now open for our annual training event, aimed at all those who wish to learn about or improve on their rogaining skills, at Lions Dryandra Woodland Village on 27th-29th May 2022.

This will be a residential event based on staying in shared cottages at the Woodland Village, arriving on the afternoon/evening of Friday 27th May 2022. Rogaining seminars and practice sessions run throughout Saturday 28th May, and will include a range of exercises to develop navigation skills, suitable for novice and intermediate rogainers. We will match you and your team with an experienced rogainer to assist you with learning and improving navigation skills in practice sessions. A night navigation exercise is optional. We cater for all ages and abilities, including families, couples, teams and individuals, both social and competitive. We strongly welcome children to attend. This event is normally oversubscribed and early registration is strongly advised, especially as due to ongoing Covid considerations numbers will be strictly limited.

Note that accommodation is provided based at the Woodland Village in shared cottages (dormitory bunks, each cottage has shared kitchen and bathroom). In the event of changed Covid restrictions, an alternative event could run (eg. based in Perth).

For further information and a registration form please contact Ann at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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