postheadericon 'What a Novelty-O !' - 26 November 2016

Like its surrounds, this event has some grand plans as we super-size the novelty factor. A portion of the map will be missing, a control will be a moving “bingo control” and a control will be in the river (for those keen, be prepared to swim – but this will be an adults only control!) What more can we dream up between now and November? You’ll just have to wait and see.

This event will also be sharing its starting location with the MetrO Series Orienteering which will start at the conclusion of this Rogaine, so for those of you who still have energy to burn you can easily make it a double header. The HH will be located in the NE corner of Manners Hill Park in Peppermint Grove with the map spanning into Claremont, across to Cottesloe, down towards the bridges out of North Fremantle and back around the river again. It’s a beautiful area so make sure you bring a picnic blanket so you can enjoy the day with your friends and family. There is play equipment very close to the start location and hopefully a brand new café will be open there too. I look forward to seeing you all on the day!

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