postheadericon February Fandango

Had an invitation to attend a dinner function down Kukerin way a while back, wifey was resting the eyelids and the car was in autopilot so I took in some of the scenery on the way. Rolling hills, cute little gullies, scenic spurs, an odd patch of scrub (bush land to the city folk) and not many fences looks like reasonable rogaine country to me. Yep the summer upside down rogaine was on the radar and no setters on the volunteer’s grid.

Checked out some more of the rolling terrain and figured its time I rang my setting partner Jim to see what he was up to. One thing led to another, spent some time chatting with farmers, drinking cups of tea and yarning about the crop harvest , by day’s end are ready to rock and roll to set yet another upside down rogaine. This event is only an hour and a bit from Perth and not very far from the coldest place in W.A. (in winter) but expect mild summer evenings and clear skies for February. This will be a rogaine where navigational skills can be practised with ease but still challenging for the ‘guns’.

It's the 2015 USD Rogaine and we all know that USD stands for upside down because it’s an all night event.

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