postheadericon Not the Hair Restorer Rogaine - 11 October 2003

Required: Participants for the "Not the Hair Restorer Rogaine" experiment.

We have just about finished setting the October rogaine and it looks like it will live up to its reputation as being the most enjoyable rogaine of the year. With all the rain we have been having, the bush is about to explode in a profusion of flora. We promise wildflowers (the orchids are already flowering), we promise lovely walking pastures with magnificent vistas from every control on the farmlands and we promise
challenging forest to keep the ambitious teams honest.

The course is a 50 / 50 mix of wandoo and jarrah forest with minimal understorey and undulating easy walking farmland (and some steep bits). This rogaine will have stress-free walking and easy to find controls set in picturesque locations for novices and the rest of us, as well as horrible testing terrain for the guns (only kidding - well, maybe not). We have had a wonderful time setting it, so come and join us in October for
what promises to be a very enjoyable spring rogaine, set in the lovely countryside south of Boddington.


Greg Kirk, and the setting and vetting team.

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