postheadericon Rok Ness Monster Rogaine - 27 October 2001

Set in the hills near Perth, the terrain for this rogaine has something for everyone. Some parts of the map have contours very close together for anyone who enjoys climbing those long, steep inclines. For those of you who prefer gentler inclines, don't worry, because other parts are nice and flat. (Of course, this may make navigating a greater challenge when you walk long distances without contours for guidance!). We are confident that if you make sensible route choice then you will find the number of contours is just about right (on average, at least). We are sure that you will appreciate the numerous tracks too - but BEWARE, because many of them are unmarked. This will mean that you will have to have your wits about you as you navigate them.

Rok Ness  MonsterAnd what exactly is the Rok Ness Monster? Is it a sand-groping cousin of the mythical Scottish creature that has made its home in the nearby reservoir? Or perhaps it's some strange local creature that inhibits the numerous rocky outcrops. Or maybe it's jut the setters who are the monsters! Come along and find out, on this the last WARA rogaine for 2001!

Ross Taplin and the Monster Team

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