WARA Montage  
ON-LINE ENTRIES (Release 1.3) Licensed to December 2022
  • The Schools Championships will run from 12:00noon to 6:00pm at the 24 hour event.
  • The Schools Championships is intended for junior teams. All team members must be 18 or under and at least 14 years old. All team members must also be students at the same school.
  • Schools Championships teams must return to administration by 6:00pm (late penalties will be incurred by teams returning after 6:00pm). Only after returning to administration may they continue in the overall event. Teams must have permission to continue in the overall event from their supervisor.
  • Schools Championships teams that return after 6:30pm will be deemed late for both the Schools Championships and the overall event and will receive no score.
  • Please indicate that you wish to enter the School Championships by entering your School name in the special box on the entry form.
NOTE: The novice guide contains a lot of information about how to rogaine, and what to bring. You may wish to print out a copy for each team.