postheadericon What is Rogaining?

Rogaining is the sport of long distance cross-country navigation in which teams of two to five members visit as many checkpoints as possible in twenty-four hours. Teams travel entirely on foot, navigating by map and compass between checkpoints in terrain that varies from open farmland to hilly forest. A central base camp provides hot meals throughout the event and teams may return at any time to eat, rest or sleep. Teams travel at their own pace and anyone from children to grandparents can experience the personal satisfaction that comes from cross-country navigation at their own level of competition and comfort.


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postheadericon Are you proud of your rogaining achievements?

Do you sometimes feel you want to let everyone know what you've achieved, and are looking for a more subtle way then shouting it from the rooftops?
Did you know that there are points achievement badges available for purchase from WARA?

They are available for those Rogainers that achieve the points milestones in bush Rogaines:
Then why not go to and place your order now.

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postheadericon WARA 2014 Membership

WARA membership fees are now due for the 2014 calendar year.

The easiest way (for both you and us) to renew your membership is on-line.
You can easily Renew Membership On-line now

NOTE: You do not need to join or renew membership separately if you are entering an event; you can join as part of your entry.

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postheadericon Emu's Run 1 November 2014

Those who have rogained for a while
Will remember his style
He has returned from the East
Without his great beast
The Old Man Emu himself
Vince Harding one off the shelf
The man who claims rogaining is fun
Agreed to show how it is done
Emu's Run is the result
Hope it's not an insult
As he guided us through
The the controls are all true
Easy to find
Unless one is blind
So come on down
You are unlikely to drown
And even if you are not great
The Hash House will still fill your plate! (Stan Barclay)

Come & join us in the hills one hour east of Perth. The gentle rolling terrain is in open Wandoo forest, interesting rock formations, with no farmland or parrot bush and lots of wildflowers and grass trees to view along way. There are defined features for everyone to enjoy and subtle and challenging ones set for the guns to complete. Whilst setting we discovered 3 large emu nests each having 10 eggs so you should have many emu chicks to accompany you. A large flat hash house area is set in the bush. We will have put out 6 water drops but as it is a November rogaine, be sure to start with sufficient water. Please join us for the Friday night banter with byo - everything or come earlier & help set up. An extra pair of hands is always helpful.

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postheadericon July 2014 Newsletter

Newsletter in PDF format

In this issue:

  • Crunchy Nut Cluster Rogaine p1
  • 2014 Volunteer Grid p3
  • Into the WIlganess: Results p4,6-7
  • Paul’s Presidential Ponderings p5
  • Into the WIlganess: Reports for the field p8,9
  • Feedback from Dryandra p9
  • Back from Africa p10
  • Into the OOB Corridor p10
  • Easy come ... Easy go p11
  • Not Off Set ? Just Aim Off p11
  • Into the WIlganess: Setters Report p12-13
  • Interested in purchasing WARA Clothing? p14
  • 2013 IRF Presidents Report extract p15 (PDF of the full report)
  • Setting and Vetting Seminar p16
  • WA Schools Rogaining Championships p16
  • Crunchy Nut Cluster Rogaine - Event Entry Form p17-18
  • Noticeboard p19

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